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Red Panda Close Car Seat Protector

Close Car Seat Protector Red Panda

Parrot Close Pop In Playmat

Close Pop In Playmat Parrot

Red Panda Close Pop In Coverall Bib

Close Pop In Coverall Bib Red Panda


In 2004, two mums started plotting. One had a passion for baby wearing & the other a love for cloth bums. The result? The Close Caboo Carrier and Close Pop-in range of reusable nappies and swimwear.

Whale Close Pop In Rash Vest

Close Pop In Rash Vest Whale

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Red Panda Close Potty Training Pant

Close Potty Training Pant Red Panda

Red Panda Close Night Time Pant

Close Night Time Pant Red Panda


Close also champion 'simple parenting and good ideas' and now make products to make parents lives easier from the Close β€˜magic’ bibs to car seat protectors.

Tiger Close Swim Nappy

Close Swim Nappy Tiger