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Wooden Toys.

Our classic & modern wooden baby toys are sustainable. From wooden rattles, building blocks & pull-alongs, they help baby development skills & look great too.

Multi Kiko+ Gatcha Gatcha

Kiko+ Gatcha Gatcha Multi

Multi SHUSHA People

SHUSHA People Multi

Multi SHUSHA Zoo

SHUSHA Zoo Multi

Multi SHUSHA Animal World

SHUSHA Animal World Multi

Multi SHUSHA Fairy Tales

SHUSHA Fairy Tales Multi

Richard Janod Spirit Vehicle

Janod Spirit Vehicle Richard


Help toddlers & pre-schoolers learn creative play with our wooden toys. From pretend play fruit to retro wooden cameras & puzzles, they’ll love this range.

Summerville Lubulona Lubu Town Mini

Lubulona Lubu Town Mini Summerville

Turquoise Lubulona Wooden Toy Car

Lubulona Wooden Toy Car Turquoise

Earth Lubulona Happy Houses

Lubulona Happy Houses Earth

Autumnvale Lubulona Lubu Town Maxi

Lubulona Lubu Town Maxi Autumnvale

Winterburg Lubulona Lubu Town Maxi

Lubulona Lubu Town Maxi Winterburg

Neutral OYOY Wooden Family Bricks

OYOY Wooden Family Bricks Neutral

Multi OYOY Abacus Rainbow

OYOY Abacus Rainbow Multi

Multi Classic World Balance Stacking Game

Classic World Balance Stacking Game Multi

Multi Jabadabado Car Service

Jabadabado Car Service Multi

Multi Jabadabado Abacus

Jabadabado Abacus Multi

Multi SHUSHA Make A Portrait

SHUSHA Make A Portrait Multi

Monochrome Plan Toys Twisted Blocks

Plan Toys Twisted Blocks Monochrome

Multi Plan Toys Veggie Set

Plan Toys Veggie Set Multi

Orange Janod Magnetic Carrot Rocket

Janod Magnetic Carrot Rocket Orange