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Home Learning.


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Multi Vilac Rainbow Stacking Cubes

Vilac Rainbow Stacking Cubes Multi

Noah Lefrik Pencil Case

Lefrik Pencil Case Noah

Multi Janod Whales Colour Matching Game

Janod Whales Colour Matching Game Multi

The Day the Cayons left bookspeed The Day The Crayons Quit

bookspeed The Day The Crayons Quit The Day the Cayons left

Multi Jabadabado Abacus

Jabadabado Abacus Multi

Brights Plan Toys Beehives

Plan Toys Beehives Brights

Multi Kid's Concept Abacus

Kid's Concept Abacus Multi

Rainbows Bumkins Splat Mat

Bumkins Splat Mat Rainbows


Keep their brains nurtured every hour of the day with our homework & play collection fro pre-school scholars. Find educational toys and games for kids and toddlers that'll help them learn their numbers, colours and ABCs. Choose from our pick of puzzles that will get their grey matter lighting up, chalks, paints and crayons that will unleash their arty side and easels and abacuses galore. You'll also find cool chairs and tables for setting up their own little school room in the corner at home. Plus books that will introduce them to learning in fun and colourful ways. Make their home learning journey one that never ends with our homework & play collection. 🧠

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