Popping plastic, cardboard, glass and cans into kerbside sacks for recycling is weaved into most household routines, but how often do we buy goods made from landfill-saved materials instead of picking new? We are thrilled to have innovative kids' brands as part of the KIDLY family, who take repurposing in their stride, turning everyday rubbish into treasures for kids. From rucksacks made of plastic bottles, to puzzles made from recycled cardboard, here are five brands who are giving waste a second chance (and keeping little ones happy at the same time!)


Green Toys Recycling Truck
Green Toys are guardians of sustainable fun. Set up to be an eco-friendly toy company, they care about kids, what they play with and what the future holds, with their motto 'Every day is Earth Day' shouting loud about this passion. Every toy produced by the brand is made from 100% recycled materials, proving that recycling bin waste can end up back in homes as tangible objects. To Green Toys, the old becomes new for the next generation, with role play toys like the recycling truck being a fun prop for encouraging environmental efforts.


Designed in France but made in Brazil, VEJA's ethos is all about being environmentally and socially responsible, so it is fitting that they use recycled textiles for their shoe range where they can. Their mini me styles, such as the Gorilla Trainer, uses innovative repurposed materials, including B-Mesh, made from plastic bottles and jersey, created from recycled polyester. They are a sustainable and stylish footwear choice for little tootsies leaving tentative footprints on the planet.


Hevea dummy
Hevea is best known as one of the leading brand for babies pacifiers, but that isn't all they make. With mindfulness and innovation at the heart of the business, Hevea produces other kids' products, designed from both natural and recycled rubber, including the super Swim Fins, which give water babies extra speed in the water. Recognising the huge waste of discarded dummies as well, the brand also offers a first of its kind upcycling service for their pacifiers, allowing them to make something new out of the old.


Founded in The Netherlands in 2005, Engel creates only sustainable kids' products. Being true eco-activists, every decision they make, from design to delivery, is considerate of the environment. Recognising the worth of repurposed materials, Engel works with thoughtful designers and manufacturers to bring its range to life in mostly recycled materials. Their mini backpacks for kids were once juice bottles, showing that sturdy plastics can be repurposed as a soft textile. Designed in stand-out bright colours, their bags appeal to children as well as conscious parents.


Petit Colage Soft Book
Petit Collage is all about design which looks good but does good too, combining their penchant for modern aesthetic with sustainability, to create truly thoughtful kids products. Since the beginning they've used recycled materials and ten years after beginning the brand, they still carefully choose materials, keeping the health of kids and the planet at the forefront of all they do. Today their range of fun games and puzzles are designed from recycled cardboard or FSC-certified wood and they only even use non-toxic, soy-based inks.

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