The KIDLY Family just passed its six-month milestone. In baby terms, at this point we’d be weaning and making wobbly attempts to sit up unaided. In community terms, we’re still finding our feet a little but we’ve already come a long way. With getting on for 1,500 members, just this past month we’ve hosted our first pre-loved toy sale and we've big plans for 2023.

Not yet sure what all the fuss is about? Here are our Top 6 Reasons To Join The KIDLY Family:

1. Inclusivity

This club is definitely Not Just For Mums. We’re for parents of all combinations, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends - pretty much anyone with 0-5s in their lives!

2. Friendliness

We share our lives with each other in the spirit of camaraderie and support. Caring for kids has its lows as well as its highs and a sympathetic ear or friendly word of encouragement can make all the difference if you're having a tough day. (Or week…)

kid in a cardboard box mask

Dad & daughter walk across sand

KIDLY Family members love hearing about each other's tips, hints and adventures.

3. Discounts!

Yay, because who doesn’t love a deal? You’ll enjoy exclusive codes and offers for KIDLY Family members only.

4. Behind-The-Scenes-Peeks

Catch exclusive content from KIDLY HQ and get to meet the buying teams who source all the beautiful brands we carry and the design team that creates KIDLY Label.

Marty & Sophie in the studio

Marty and Sophie from the social team celebrate the aftermath of a Black Friday Live on Insta.

5. Prizes

We have Monthly Challenges where you can win fab prizes, with fun themes around sharing tips and hints, being out and about, and getting creative.

Mum & kid in pumpkin dress-up walk down a lane

kid dressed as Cruella De Ville

Dressing up for our October role play challenge.

boy presenting Christmas card

littlr girl designing a xmas card

Some of the fab designs for our Christmas card challenge.

6. And finally……Feedback.

KIDLY truly wouldn’t be anything without you and your opinion matters to us more than anything. Being part of the KIDLY Family gives you hotline to the design and buying teams so you can tell us what you’re loving (or not) and want to see more of.

So there you have it. Six solid gold-plated reasons to pop on over to Facebook and join the KIDLY Family for fun, games, friendship, challenges, prizes and fab discounts. See you there!