Bath time is a fundamental part of every little person’s evening routine, however we know it varies from baby to baby. If you’ve got a natural water baby, they might take their time playing & splashing. However, for lots of babies, experiencing bath time for the first time can be somewhat less enjoyable, calling for an in-out military style operation.

Help keep water-fuelled battlegrounds at bay & increase your chances of a more enjoyable experience with our bathtime tips.

1. Change it up

Who said bath time had to be in the bathroom? No we haven’t gone mad, you just need a baby bath! Chilly bathroom? Switch to somewhere warmer. C-section means you can’t bend down? Put the bath on the kitchen table. Just make sure you’ve got someone to help with the lifting. Tight on space? Invest in a baby bath that folds out of the way, or that can be hung up in the bathroom.

2. Set the scene

We’re not talking scented candles and petals - we’re not in a cheesy rom com! However, softer lighting may help your baby feel more relaxed. Make sure you’ve got everything you need in the bathroom beforehand to stop them from getting cold.

And, if they’ll let you, give them a little massage with a calming & soothing lotion - it’s a perfect way to relax them before bedtime and keep their skin kissably soft. Once you’ve got that nailed, your wine down time isn’t far away #justsaying.

"Remember, fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Make sure you’ve got everything you need in the bathroom beforehand."

3. The big bath adventure

Your little bather can test out the big bath from the minute they come home. Some parents may just decide to hold their little one in shallow water (brave!). But if you’re concerned about your little splasher getting a bit too wriggly, there are some great supports that can be used from birth & beyond.

4. Avoid hair washing hell

We’re not sure when this actually starts but, trust us, at one point your little one will decide that they hate having their hair washed. We know how tempting it is to leave it dirty (or is that just us?).

However, making it a game could be the answer. Invest in a toy that doubles up as rinsing stuff. They won’t even realise their hair is being washed because they’ll be having lots of fun. Sneaky? No. Necessary. Totally.

5. Save yourself

Of course we love bathtime, it’s a great way to spend time with them & also means that we’re nearly at wine o’clock - ahem. However, we also know that kneeling by the bath holding your little bather can be painful & that’s where kneeling mats come in handy. As for the splashing when you’ve just straightened your hair - may we suggest a rain coat?