Birthdays are times of reflection and celebration. (And cake, obviously!) And this week, as part of our 6th birthday celebrations, we’re launching the KIDLY Family: a brand new community platform on Facebook.

We’ve been all about community from the get-go, back in 2016. Obviously there’s Team KIDLY at HQ, but our 600+ Parent Testers have been a crucial part of that team from Day One: putting 7,000 products (and counting) through their paces and telling us whether they’re good enough to sell or not. Then the thousands of #iamkidlys we’ve posted over 6 years have helped everyone see those products out in the real world.

Kid sitting in Koodi highchair looking at pet labrador

We rely on the insights and pictures we get from our Parent Testers, Kid Testers (& sometimes even Pet Testers!).

The KIDLY Book Club has been somewhere to celebrate our love of reading, share great picks for fun reads and titles that help our kids navigate real world topics and real small person feelings. And we hugely appreciate every single bit of feedback (the great and even the not-so-great) that we get via our Review channel and our Live Chat team.

Two girls reading a book

We love hearing what you're currently reading and enjoying.

The KIDLY Family will be brand new community space where we can follow each other’s journeys: the highs and lows, the stages & milestones, what you loving or could seriously live without: we want you to share, share, share. Because we really are all in this thing together!

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The KIDLY Family is an inclusive place to share the highs (& the lows) of looking after 0-5s.

6 Reason To Join The KIDLY Family:

  1. It's for parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, friends - anyone with 0-5s in their lives!
  2. It's a super-friendly & inclusive space to socialise.
  3. Get exclusive discounts & offers for KIDLY Family members only.
  4. Join virtual coffee mornings with Team KIDLY & catch behind-the-scenes content.
  5. Enter Monthly Challenges where you can win fab prizes.
  6. It's a chance to tell us what you want & share your love of KIDLY!

6 years ago we were...

We asked some of our community how the last six years have been for them:

Yin, Mum to Ethan and Ean (2):

Yin and her twin boys in a pumpkin patch

6 years ago I was a city girl, working in Kuala Lumpur and living a carefree single life. Sleep was just something I did without thinking - I had no idea how precious it was! Fast forward to 2020, the year in which I have the biggest surprise in my life - I find out we’re having twins. Ever since becoming a first time mum in lockdown, I shop online regularly for my twin boys and that's how I stumbled upon KIDLY, via Instagram. I love the vast range of products and the business ethos of the company and we love sharing our #iamkidlys. It's always our first stop when I shop for my little boys.

Paul, Dad to Freda (4) and Wren (2):

Paul, girlfriend Lucy, Freda and Wren

6 years ago, finding a cat-sitter when my girlfriend Lucy and I went on holiday to China or Japan seemed like a major hassle. We ate out a lot, partied and travelled with work without a second thought. Now we have two kids, Freda (4) and Wren (2), we’ve moved to a bigger house, started working for ourselves, and we’ve survived a pandemic. Finding a cat sitter is now the easy bit - finding a babysitter when our youngest is still in our bed every night is another matter! A friend recommended KIDLY and initially I was sceptical that it was another nobby, aspirational kidswear brand with loads of over-priced, impractical stuff. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful, high-quality, well-priced range. The friend also suggested I become a Parent Tester and we’ve had great fun testing toys, feeding stuff and some beautiful clothes.

Wren in a Liewood bathrobe

Wren modelling a luxe Liewood bathrobe for a Parent Test.

There is a genuine thoughtfulness to KIDLY that I really appreciate. Everything seems to have been selected with real care and the community aspect, especially the Parent Tests, make it easier to be guided towards stuff you know you will love.

Leia, Mum to Henry (2):

Leia & Henry

6 years ago, I only had to worry about what outfit I was wearing for my night out at the weekend! I was single, so I had the freedom of doing what I wanted, when I wanted. That said, I was lonely. I had no clear direction in where my life was heading. Today, I have a gorgeous son who’s just turned 2 and has the biggest personality - he makes me laugh every day! I also have the most caring and patient partner who gives me strength and positivity when some days can be a challenge.

We’ve also added a puppy recently into the mix, so our house is chaotic more than ever, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve been part of the KIDLY community as a collaborator for about a year, and everyone has been so supportive and accommodating. I’ve often opted for KIDLY over other similar retailers, because of their incredible customer service. Nothing is ever too much trouble and everyone I’ve ever spoken to is super friendly and helpful.

Happy 6th birthday KIDLY!