Suckling is a baby's first reflex so it's no wonder many parents find dummies (pacifiers) a brilliant prop for calming and soothing them. However, with so many options out there, finding the right one can be a bit of a puzzle. Which are best for developing teeth? Are they all made of plastic? And what about all the sterilising? Here’s what you need to know.


With pacifiers having a fairly short lifespan - most brands recommending replacing them every 8 weeks - plastic options are pretty polluting. This has led to a new wave of natural rubber designs coming to market, as sustainable alternatives, which you can still sterilise in boiling water, like you might with plastic. Hevea is the original leader in rubber dummies, and once their days are over, dummies can be recycled at home, or Hevea offers an upcycling service, giving you a discount on new purchases and the rubber a second life.

Hevea Colourful Natural Rubber Orthodontic Pacifier

Hevea Colourful Natural Rubber Orthodontic Pacifier


With dummies often used from birth, you want to be sure you're giving your newborn a design that's 100% safe to be in their mouth and comfortable against their face. Shields which are soft to the touch, made from BPA-free or totally plastic-free materials, and shaped to sit comfortably between their noses and chins are perfect - like the BIBs and Hevea designs. Hevea's new colourful pacifier range also uses natural mineral pigments, making them kind on the environment too.

BIBS Dummy

BIBS Dummy


Where previously you could only find dummies with babyish motifs, often only in pink or blues, now there are contemporary styles and shades to choose from. Elodie's designs have a retro look and feel, and come in subtle tones, making them favourites among design-minded babies everywhere - and their parents. With orthodontically-shaped natural rubber teats, they also each have a matching dummy strap - so you can keep them stylishly and hygienically at hand.

Elodie Dummy and Clip

Elodie's retro look-and-feel dummies and clips.


As well as choosing a pacifier to suit their wardrobe, why not treat them to an on-trend complementary dummy clip too?

Nattou Silicone Pacifinder

Nattou Silicone Pacifinder

Both Nibbling and Elodie make lovely options, while Nattou's fun designs have silicone beads on the clip that double as teethers too. Just as clever, Done By Deer's Cozy Keeper is a soft elephant toy that attaches to the dummy, making it far easier for your baby to find in their cot.

Done By Deer Cozy Keeper

Done By Deer's Cozy Keeper


Just like babies need different sized nappies as they grow, they may need a different size pacifier. You'll often find dummies with smaller teats to cater from birth, and larger sizes that are better from around three months onwards. Orthodontic dummies have a flatter teat, that doesn't put as much pressure on the their new pearly whites. If your baby rejects a dummy at first, you may want to persevere or try a different size or design, as every brand will feel different for them.

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