We’re big foodies at KIDLY – perhaps you are too – so it can seem a bit crazy that kids so often act like their dinner is the enemy. Don't despair, we've chosen a few clever picks that should help encourage picky eaters to embrace their mealtimes.


Even brand new babies can be pretty defiant creatures, and bottle refusers are as stubborn as it gets. Whether you're combination feeding, moving from breast to bottle or formula feeding from the get-go, if you can’t find a bottle your baby gets on with, it'll soon be, 'Houston, we have a problem'.

Happily, Comotomo's innovative designs continually win babies over, the world over. Designed to mimic the experience of breastfeeding, the soft touch bottle and rounded teats minimise bottle rejection and nipple confusion – two of the main reasons babies say no. No surprise that they're one of our best-sellers.

baby drinking from comotomo bottle

Comotomo 5oz Single Bottle


You may have envisioned weaning would be a thing of dreams, with your baby devouring avocado smash like it’s going out of fashion. But remember, solids are a completely new experience, so keep portion sizes small. The tactile Cognikids Weaning Dip-Spoons have a unique flat head, which holds just the right amount of puree, so they don’t shovel too much in at once.

Cognikids Weaning Dip Spoon

Cognikids Weaning Dip Spoon


Reckon your little one would still be pushing food around their plate come the morning, if you left them at the table? Toddlers and preschoolers are prone to becoming bored at meal times and grinding to a halt. Try turning their food into something more appealing: there are whole websites showing you how to create Food Art to get them interested. There's nothing like fashioning sarnies into unicorns, trains and planes to make them instantly irresistible. Or, have them dine from one of our cool placemats. They're bound to keep their attention at the table.


'5-a-day' is a rule-of-thumb we all know, but what if you’re struggling to get even one fruit or veg portion into them? Firstly, you're not alone. Kids notoriously swerve the healthy stuff at some stage or other. Experimenting with flavours is a great way to get round them.

b.box Silicone Fresh Food Feeder

b.box Silicone Fresh Food Feeder

b.box's Silicone Fresh Food Feeder gives your baby the chance to explore new food, textures & even colours in a fun but safe way. The unique tripod design lets them hold it with one or two hands, and because it stands up when put down, it keeps clean. A hygiene cap is also included to keep it safe when you're on the go. The Konges Sløjd Silicone Fruit Feeding Pacifier is another dinner winner and we love that you get two in a pack.


Some kids really don’t like their food touching - and that’s ok. We're here to help! To save you serving things up on one plate and them getting seriously stressed, brands like EZPZ and KIDLY Label design fabulous sectioned tableware so their food is kept nicely distinct. While integral or removable silicone bases keep plates and bowls firmly on the table. Meaning less mess and more contented eaters - perfect.

alt text

KIDLY Label Suction Divided Plate.

So there you have it. Our top tips for keeping even the pickiest of eaters happy. And remember, if you need any more guidance, our Live Chat Team are always here to help, 8am-10pm, every day. Just hit that purple button, bottom right.