Two-year-olds are a whole load of fun; with endless energy, expanding language and growing imaginations just made for playing pretend. At Christmas, it's a great chance to give gifts to extend their skills and take their creativity on to the next level. Here's our pick of Christmas gifts for 2-year-olds that will hit the spot and go the distance.

It's a great chance to give gifts to extend their skills and take their creativity on to the next level.

1. Book Case Additions

Books are a great way for getting toddlers to take five and are an especially useful tool for winding down during the bedtime routine. A new book (or books) makes for a great Christmas gift, which can be enjoyed again and again, particularly as they mature into pre-schoolers and begin to learn to read themselves.

As well as more 'traditional' story books, featuring fun characters and crazy narratives, we have topic books on subjects like human emotions, the natural world and interesting real-life figures - all great for encouraging them to learn more about the world around them.


Choosing a Chritmas present for a kid who's a vehicle fanatic? Pick out some cars or transport toys to add to their collection. If their toybox is already busting with wheels, the Kid's Concept Wooden Track is perfect for practising their manoeuvring skills - and maybe even creating some traffic jams, for a dose of reality!

Kid's Concept Wooden Track

Kid's Concept Wooden Track


Ever watched a 2-year-old pretend play? Their imaginations are wonderful; using random props as telephones and preparing tasty dinners with whatever fake food they can lay their hands on. (Peas on toast for tea then 😜) Open play pieces make great gifts, becoming anything your young 'un puts their mind to.

Janod Sweet Cacoon Cart With blocks

A cart with blocks (like this one by Janod) can become anything your 2-year-old imagines.


Dress up is a great gift choice for this age, inspiring their role playing skills and doing double duty as World Book Day costumes and party wear. (Who knew toddlers had such busy social lives?) Meri Meri and Mimi & Lula have great ranges of props and garments, including crowns, wands, wings and capes that will have them prancing and soaring round the place endlessly.

Mimi & Lula Sparkle Sequin Wings

Mimi & Lula Sparkle Sequin Wings


From nursery rhymes to television jingles, most 2-year-olds love music, so musical toys make great Christmas presents. As well as encouraging their creativity, instruments also help develop a whole range of motor skills, like finger isolation, hand-eye coordination and wrist dexterity. They’ll just need a whole load of practice before it’s music for your ears, as well as theirs 😂


Their desire to look after others is starting to develop - perhaps helped along by a younger sibling in the family? We love Olli Ella's Dozy Dinkums. They're really cleverly weighted so they've got all the cute floppiness of a newborn and can be put in loads of cute sleepy poses - without all the hassle of endless feeding and sleepless nights!


Olli Ella's Dozy Dinkums will bring out their nurturing side.


Now that they're more physically adventurous, dens, climbing frames and obstacles become sup-exciting. A play tunnel is also a brilliant choice because it's super adaptable and can be used indoors or out. These by Kid's concept pop out and pack away in a trice too. Result!

Kid's Concept Play Tunnel

A Kid's Concept Play Tunnel will get pulses racing and guarantees giggles galore.

8. Statement PJs

Around this age, they may have begun to resist certain clothing options, and no longer happy to have their OOTD picked for them. While it’s interesting to see them showing an interest in fashion, it can be a bit of a pain too. So now's the time to gift some seriously cool PJs, and our own KIDLY Label PJs do the trick time and time again.



Think you might have a budding fashion designer on your hands? Look no further than the Selfie Craft Co collection which allows aspiring ateliers to have a go at colouring in their own PJs or superhero capes.

We hope this has given you some inspo. And remember, as well as shopping for your Christmas gifts by age, you can browse by price and type of gift you’re after. Still not sure what to get? Pop us a message on Live Chat: we're here every day from 8am-10pm and we’ll happily help you suss out the Best Gift Ever. Just hit that purple button, bottom right.