Want to thrill a 3-year-old this Christmas? The good news: they're getting super imaginative, plus they have more physical confidence and much nimbler fingers than their toddler selves. Whatever you pick, any of these great Christmas gift ideas would make a 3-year-old very happy.

They're getting super imaginative, plus they have more physical confidence and much nimbler fingers than their toddler selves.


By now they'll have a well-developed pincer grip (neccessary for holding a pencil) which means their artistic abilities should have moved on from the wild daubings of toddlerhood. An easel or blackboard makes a great pressie because it gives them their very own canvas upon which to get creative. Some pens, paints or crayons make for nice add-ons and are always welcome to top up the craft drawer. We love Djeco for their inspiring craft sets, modeling clays and art supplies.

Janod Height Adjustable Easel

An easel or blackboard like this one by Janod makes a great Christmas gift that smaller family members can enjoy too!


To stimulate junior grey matter, simple games and puzzles really come into their own at this age. Balancing and fishing games help to develop their dexterity and they're good for teaching turn-taking too. Oh, and they're loads of fun. (Which is, let's not forget, kind of important!)

Animal stacking game by Janod

Balancing games like this animal stacking one by Janod are great picks for 3-year-olds.


Second stage puzzles will be a welcome addition to the toy shelf. By 'second stage' we mean ones with added value - that include ABCs or numbers, have a 'find the object' observation element, double sided puzzles and ones with an added element of game-play. We love Barcelona-based brand Londji because everything they make is fun and multi-layered and charming to look at too. Janod also makes loads of great puzzles in handy carry cases, which makes them good picks as travel toys too.

Janod's I Learn To Count Puzzle

Janod's I Learn To Count Puzzle is educational and fun.


If your 3-year-old is pretty typical of the breed, they'll be feeling a need for speed. Combine that with a parent or carer's obligation get to nursery or pre-school before the bell and a scooter can be a Christmas pressie that ticks everyone's boxes. We have a brilliant range, including cool brands like Scoot & Ride, Globber and Micro Scooters. Or go up a level, wheels-wise, with one of Banwood's lovely trikes or balance bikes. They already have wheels? Helmets and accessories make great festive or add-on gifts too.

Scoot & Ride Highway Kick

Scoot & Ride makes a range of cool wheels and all the accessories too.


They're ready for more involved role play now, so if you're looking for a big ticket Christmas present, a kitchen will give them years of fun and can be added to every subsequent birthday or Christmas, with crates of toy fruit or veg or other appliances - like food mixers, toasters and coffee machines. We have loads of beautful models to choose from too. (WARNING: Adult kitchen envy might ensue!)

Little Dutch Kitchen

This lovely Little Dutch model is just one of the many dream kitchens in our range.

We hope this has given you some inspo. And remember, as well as shopping for your Christmas gifts by age, you can browse by price and type of gift you’re after.

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