Want to find a present that will earn a high five from a 5-year-old? Step this way. We've collected together age-appropriate ideas for gifts that will intrigue and inspire them, indoors and out. Gimme five!

Sophisticated role play

Pretend play has gone up a level now and your average 5-year-old has fairly firm opinions on the kinds of jobs they can imagine for themselves in the future. Mini me products that let them pretend to be vets, hairdressers, doctors, dentists are great fun and Plan Toys makes loads - they even have a mini mixing desk for your aspiring DJ or vlogging kit for your future content creator!

little gilrl playing with Plan Toys dentist kit

Plan Toys makes loads of great pretend play - like this cool Dentist Kit.


They should be also getting pretty good at holding a paintbrush, so you can begin to consider more sophisticated craft kits as pressies. We love Kipod and Djeco because they let kids make lovely wooden toys and artworks that you'll genuinely want to display!

Boy painting Kipod's Bare Wood

Kipod's Bare Wood craft kit lets them create a lovely wooden toy to feel proud of.


Den kits make a brilliant present at this age. What kid doesn't like the idependence of a bit of den-building and all The Den Kit's different picks are packed full of lovely tools and equipment for making their own hideaway in the Great Outdoors (or a bit of the back garden!)

The Den Kit Original Den Kit

The Den Kit gives them a whiff of independence with their cool camp-making packs.


You can really support their learnig journey at school with a well-chosen book and a we have loads of great topic books to choose from about everything from recycling to feminism to the natural world.

Girl reading Old Enough To Save The Planet

Abrams & Chronicle Books have loads of inspiring topic books for their reading corner.


By 5, a kid is much more capable of concentrating for longer periods and they'll be developing areas of real interest. Gifts that require a bit of application and have a delayed payoff are a fab option. Some seeds to plant in their own patch in the garden or some gardening kit, perhaps? Or maybe a flower press? If they're more foody than outdoorsy, what about some baking kit of their own so they can start to get really creative in the kitchen? A toolkit can be a good pick too. You'd be amazed at how much it build a kids confidence when you trust then with their own hammer or screwdriver. They might even get round to doing some of those odd-jobs you've been putting off!

kids playing with Moulin Roty Small Tool Box Set

A tool kit like this one one by Moulin Roty can really build their confidence - they may even build you a coffee table!

So we hope that's helped you pick something special for that special 5-year-old in your life. We’ve also put together gift finders for newborns, first birthdays, 2 year olds, 3 year olds and 4 year olds too.

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