Children may change constantly (another tooth / inch / milestone!) but longevity matters to us at KIDLY Label. We don't think your kids' clothes should be in one season and out the next, so when we use print, we make sure the designs complement the whole KIDLY Label range and look good year after year.

With that in mind, we thought you'd like to meet the person behind the friendly dinos and cheery faces on our KIDLY Label Organic PJs, the hippos and giraffes on our Recycled Coverall Bibs, or our new muslin and swaddle range - the talented Jill Phillips (@jillyp_studio).

We chatted at Jill's Dorset studio.

Jill Phillips in her studio

KIDLY: How did you come to create prints for KIDLY Label?
JILL: I've been drawing and sketching as far back as I can remember! But Vic (Tang, KIDLY's Head of Creative) and I worked together first over 20 years ago. We lost touch for a couple of years when I left to start up my own studio, but when KIDLY Label's sleepwear was in development, her design team looked me up.

They wanted something modern, with warmth and energy that would appeal to kids and parents too - and when they saw my ‘Faces’ print they immediately said, ‘That’s the one!’

Little Boy in Faces Sleepwear

"KIDLY Label's clean lines and subtle colour palette are unique - there's a sophistication and a nod to the Scandi look that I love."

KIDLY: What inspires your designs?
JILL: All sorts of things. Nature, what I see out of my studio window, my dachshund Bertie! But I also get a big thrill from Japanese design - I’ve been going to Japan nearly every year since 2005 and I love their whole aesthetic.

Cover art of Japanese Lady and Bird from Jill Phillips website

Jill loves Japanese design and it influences lots of her work.

KIDLY: Your dino print for KIDLY Label sleepwear has been a huge success. How did that design happen?
JILL: I get requests for dinos a lot, but I wanted to do it in a less ‘obvious’ way for KIDLY Label. So I played around, layering little squares on top of the characters and giving them subtle little faces. Again, I wanted it to be quite Japanese in feel and the design team loved the minimalist interpretation. It really fits with KIDLY's approach: what, in design terms, we call a brand's 'handwriting'.

Dino print Pjs

"Even though I'm a print designer, I don’t think you need print on everything!"

KIDLY: Do you have a particular way of working?
JILL: Sometimes I like to pretend that I am back at art college: I'll get a stack of plain paper and get my inks out and see what happens. One day, I was just making marks, seeing how the ink was landing, and suddenly I could see these random curves and lines forming into animals.

Kiara wearing KIDLY Label Recycled Coverall Bib

KIDLY saw it and just jumped at it. I think it's brilliant the way it's been used for KIDLY Label's Recycled Coverall Bibs. It's clearly a print for homewares rather than clothes, and it's monochrome, which is very 'now', but it has a softness which is great for kids - and I love the contrasting ochre-coloured piping.

Close up studio shot KIDLY Label Recycled Coverall Bib

The animals in this design happened almost by accident!

KIDLY: What do you like about working on KIDLY Label?
JILL: The clean lines and subtle colour palette are unique - there's a sophistication and a nod to the Scandi look that I love. Plus KIDLY Label speciallises in beautiful tonal block colours to mix and match with.

Also, the fact that prints are used sparingly and with thought. Some prints just 'feel' right for clothes - others are better for home. They're building a collection carefully, not rushing new prints out for the sake of novelty. That’s how I'd do my own range, if I had one - I’d only feature a few key designs. Even though I'm a print designer, I don’t think you need print on everything!

KIDLY: What’s next for you and KIDLY Label?
JILL: I'm excited about the new range of muslins featuring a terrazzo pattern, a bear print and rainbow design. The original ‘Faces’ print is now on coverall bibs and I've done a new lighter colourway for short sleeve PJs and wellies.

Faces print wellies

Bear print muslin swaddle

Jill's 'Faces' print is now on wellies and she's designed three new prints for KIDLY Label's swaddles and muslins range.

And what's next for me, personally? I'm looking forward to getting back to Japan for my first visit since lockdown. Although everyone's telling me for inspiration I have to check out South Korea too. So who knows?!