It may seem like babies don’t need much more than regular milk feeds, plenty of nappies and a safe environment to sleep in. But actually there’s a whole load of awesome products designed for new babies, which they do kind of need as well. If you're in the market for a new baby gift, whether it's a present for a baby shower or a token gift for a newborn that's been earthside for a while, here’s what they'll love, even if they can’t tell you themselves.


Itchy gums seem to appear as quickly as that delicious newborn scent disappears, and they'll be spending the large majority of their first two years of life teething...eek. Even the toughest of cookies can have a hard time popping pearly whites, so products designed to ease pain and soothe gums are ideal gifts here.

Designed for tiny hands to hold easily, the Original Sophie la Girafe Toy is a great first teether. Made from 100% natural rubber, its extra long limbs that are perfect for having a good chew on. With an internal squeaker, tiny bubs will not be able to contain their squeals with delight when they squeeze Sophie and she squeaks.

Sophie La Girafe

Sophie La Girafe


Experts suggest starting floor play and tummy time as soon as babies are born as it helps to strengthen neck muscles. We know it feels hard to put them down, especially when they often don’t like being on their tummy, but it's an activity that pays off in the long run. Here's a couple of products that make it all far easier.

For a big gift idea, a Baby Gym may be just what you're looking for. We have lots of soft, padded designs that are ideal for babies to play around on, learn to roll as well as hopefully enjoy some tummy time action too. With characters suspended from the arches, little ones can practice their grabbing and pulling skills as well. 🙌

Looking for a perfect play mat that will last beyond the baby years? This modern double-sided design by Avery Row has been made free from harsh chemicals, making it a safe place for kicking around. The quilted design won't bunch up when babies are rolling around too but it equally works as a blanket when babies are all grown up.😭

Avery Row Stay & Play Mat

Avery Row Stay & Play Mat.


Sensory play is a term thrown around a lot for babies these days and it can be a bit overwhelming for parents who don’t really know what it involves. Thankfully, brands give a helping-hand, designing loads of clever products to help create a sensory play experience at home.

Wee Gallery is really good are designing stuff for babies that they love but that adults really like too. Their range of sensory toys, such as the Clutch Ball and Organic Cotton Crinkle Toy speak to babies through high-contrast black and white graphics to help them focus, mixed tactile surfaces to develop sense of touch and appealing sounds for auditory stimulation.

Wee Gallery Organic Cotton Crinkle Toy

Wee Gallery Organic Cotton Crinkle Toy

Babies love music, so a musical mobile or cot toy is a great gift from day one. The Moulin Roty Musical Mobile will perk up tiny little ears and it's the kind of present that will be loved beyond the baby days.


Unfortunately, it’s impossible to soothe them every single time they grumble. But here’s the good news… there are plenty of awesome comforters that'll become favourites as they grow into toddlers. Such favourites in fact, that it may be wise to buy two 😉

We've put together gift guides to help you nail that perfect present, whether that's a newborn baby gift in Hello Baby, A Big Gift for a special day, an earth-friendly Go Green item or a special goodie for a Mini Creative or Adventurer.

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