With so many musical marvels on the market, which ones suit your mini Mozart, and at what stage? We’re here to lend a hand, with a range of cool musical gifts to help them on their way, from newborn days to the preschool stage.


You can introduce them to music even before they’re born, by playing your fave playlist or, if you’ve been blessed with pipes like Adele (lucky you), singing to them. For newborns, start their musical journey with a sweet music box or a melodic bedroom cot toy or mobile.

Janod Music Box

Janod Music Box


At this stage there's lots of motion, but not much intention. We love the Moulin Roty Rain Stick, which makes the pitter-patter of gentle rain at their command and the Petit Collage Animal Friends Wooden Percussion Instruments, a super-cute 3-piece set that includes a monkey tambourine, a bunny guiro and a bear shaker - all brilliant for developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Moulin Roty Rain Stick

Moulin Roty Rain Stick Rain Stick

12-24 MONTHS

By the toddler stage, their musical toys can start to get a bit more technical, to help them make noise that sounds (hopefully) a bit more like... music. The Janod Pure Musical Table features every satisfying bit of percussion going - a cymbal, a bell, a scraper, a squeeze toy and a removable tambourine. In soft pastel shades, with a drumstick that's also a dragonfly with felt wings, this is a beautiful wooden toy to awaken your child to music.

Janod Pure Musical Table

Janod Pure Musical Table


Once they (and your ears) are tired of drum beats and rattling, you can move the game up a gear. The Hape Notes & Keys Magic Touch Keyboard can be enjoyed two ways: in free play mode they can switch between piano, xylophone, hip hop and drum sounds or they can discover a new song by following the lights - while silly mode activates sound effects galore. Their confidence and powers of self-expression will rocket!

Hape Magic Touch Musical Piano

Hape Notes & Keys Magic Touch Keyboard


At this point, genuine musical skill might be starting to emerge and you can start guiding them towards actual instruments. For little strummers, we have a great range of guitars and ukuleles. We can't promise what they come out with will be all that tuneful immediately, but at least they will look cool while they're doing it!

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The Little Dutch Guitar has tunable metal strings.

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