Open-ended play. It’s a great way to help kids build their imaginations and learn to be creative. And there’s a huge range of toys to help them. We’ve picked out our faves that'll fuel their imaginations and take them anywhere they like.

1. Grimm’s Toys


The Grimm's 12 Piece Rainbow has been designed to constantly stretch kids’ imaginations. Start with the basics and use it to teach toddlers about colours, stacking and basic building. As they get older, encourage open ended play by turning the arches into bridges, tunnels or little homes for tiny toys. Now there’s a bright idea.

2. Wobbel Original Transparent

Wobbel Original Transparent

The Wobbel Original Transparent is a balance board that’s been made for both open ended play and keeping kids active. Let them rock back and forth to increase their balancing skills, make it into a slide for their dolls or use it as a bridge. Pst, it works amazingly well with the Way2Play Expressway for a unique way to make a mountainous road.

3. Moluk Bilibo Sensory Toy


Requiring neither batteries nor complicated instructions, the Bilibo is powered purely by your child's imagination. Designed to engage their natural curiosity, it turns into anything and everything, firing their imagination and gross motor skills and letting them become inventors of their own games and rules. Also incredibly strong, so there won’t be any 'I broke it, Mum’ outbursts.

4. TriClimb

Genuinely warrants the term 'awesome'. As well as being fab to climb and perch on, the TriClimb is a den with a sheet over the top, can be set up like a baby gym, or paired with the Triclimb Biri or Miri accessories for even more fun. In sustainable wood, it's simple to assemble and, once built, folds flat for easy storage behind a door or the sofa.

5. Grapat Lola

Grapat Lola

This beautiful, large play set was inspired by the designers' own daughter - hence the name Lola. Lola consists of 6 different shapes in 12 different colours, making a total of 72 tactile pieces that encourage creative and divergent thinking. The different types of tubes can be used for building play, small world play, pretend telescopes, trees, buildings, cars …the possibilities are endless.

So there we go. Five toys to make open ended play, fun, interesting and bright. We love how they’ll help kids learn as they play. And remember, if you need any more guidance, our Live Chat Team are always here to help, 8am-10pm, every day. Just hit that purple button, bottom right.