We all deserve a great Christmas - this year more than any. So, this Give Back Friday, we want to help more vulnerable families have a great one too. Via the KIDLY Family Fund, we'll be making our biggest single donation ever - £30,000 - to our charity partner Action For Children's brilliant Secret Santa campaign.

Here's a bit more about it:

parent and child wearing Santa hats sitting in front of a Christmas tree

"For most of us, the festive season is a happy time. But there are children all over the UK who face Christmas without food, warmth or love. KIDLY's customers can help change that." I'm chatting to Fay Stevens, Action For Children's Campaigns Manager and she's bursting with enthusiasm for their Secret Santa fundraiser.

"I think the general public sometimes doesn’t realise how much need there is on their own doorsteps," she continues. "The fact is, there are more than 4 million children living in poverty in the UK - that’s 9 children in every classroom of 30. And families that were struggling the most were hardest hit by the pandemic."

"For most of us, the festive season is a happy time. But there are children all over the UK who face Christmas without food, warmth or love. KIDLY's customers can help change that."
Fay Stevens, Action For Children

Action For Children has been protecting some of the most vulnerable children in the UK for more than 150 years, with services that cover all kinds of practical help and emotional support. Last year, they reached more than 604,000 children, young people and families.

Action For Children's Secret Santa cartoon of girl looking at night sky

They believe in helping children be children, because a lot of those they support have had to grow up very quickly. So their Secret Santa campaign is about delivering the basics: which could be warm clothing and bedding, food for the table and money to heat homes. But it's also about bringing the 'magic', with gifts, days out and trips to see Santa.

"I had this group of people who just opened their arms and helped me....I’ll always be thankful to Action for Children. I’ll always know in the back of my head that they’re the reason I’m the person I am now."
Angharad, supported by Action For Children

"All kids need and deserve magic in their lives," says Fay. "So it's wonderful that, when KIDLY's customers shop for those magical treats for their own children, they'll be playing Secret Santa to other kids. These are kids they'll never meet. But their lives could be transformed for the better."

Action for Children Secret Santa campaign cartoon of boy in kitchen

The KIDLY Family Fund will receive 5% of all money spent in Black Friday week and all this money will go directly to the Secret Santa appeal. The donation is capped at £30,000 - KIDLY's largest single donation ever.

What the KIDLY Family Fund's donation could provide: £10 could cover a day’s food for a child at Christmas - £10 might pay for a trip to visit Santa - £25 could buy a Christmas present - £40 could pay for warm winter clothes - £100 could provide a child with a bed

After Christmas, we'll update you with the success of the campaign. Until then, we hope you enjoy preparing for your family's Christmas - and thanks in advance, as you could be helping to make someone else's feel really special too.

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You can donate directly to Action For Children’s Secret Santa campaign here.

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Parent & child in front of tree: S&B Vonlanthen on Unsplash
Girl looking out window & hungry boy in kitchen: Action For Children