It's a pretty big milestone, seeing them off at the pre-school gates. If they're nervous, you'll probably have a lump in your throat. If they trot off without a backward glance, you'll likely feel just as teary. (I did.) The Pre-School Learning collection will help you support them before and when they get to Key Stage 1 - setting them up to feel as happy in the classroom as they are learning at home.

“One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.”
Malala Yousafzai


There's masses of compelling data on the benefits of encouraging your child to read. By the time they're nearing school, books should be a cornerstone of their play space. We love titles like Mix it Up, which teaches how colours work, how they change when they're mixed together and how you can control them. It's a great book to read to together when they're toddlers, but once they've started to read they'll love to do it with friends.

"It's a book that offers like the magic of screens, but with the charm of a book. #winning"
Helene, Buyer

Abrams & Chronicle Books Mix it Up

Abrams & Chronicle Books, Mix it Up

A lunchbox

Taking their own food to preschool can give them them the confidence and comfort of bringing a little bit of home with them so we have a range of lunch and snack boxes. The monbento Tresor Kids Bento Box is an adaptable option in BPA-free plastic with different sections that's also customisable. (So they won't get their box muddled up with their mate's.)

monbento Tresor Kids Bento Box

monbento Tresor Kids Bento Box

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up.”
Pablo Picasso

An easel

An easel is a great prop for inspiring their self-expression and the versatile Classic World Table Top Easel is a smart space-saving design for budding artists. They'll love swapping between the chalkboard and whiteboard, plus using the magnetic letters too. It's an ideal play and learn toy for preschoolers, giving them the opportunity to develop their creativity and spelling skills at the same time. The compact, folding design means you can move the easel from room to room, or even pack it up for trips away, for their own kind of art retreat.

"This perfectly-sized table top easel helps them to learn while they get arty."
Catherine, Buyer

Classic World Table Top Easel

Classic World Table Top Easel

A table & chair or desk

Having their own spot to work, play or eat at gives kids confidence. Whatever your style or decor, our tables and chairs range will have something to fit the bill. The stylish Tender Leaf Toys Forest Table & Chair is ever-popular because the table has a central chalkboard panel that is fun for scribbling on, and a hidden storage compartment, for their pens or small toys.

"We love the hidden storage compartment in the centre. It's a table that really enables open-ended play."
Helene, Buyer

Tender Leaf Toys Forest Table & Chair

Tender Leaf Toys Forest Table & Chair

A backpack

Nothing says 'you got this' more than your own backpack. Gives them the security of knowing their home comforts are safely stowed and close by. The Scoot & Ride Backpack is a great environmentally friendly pick, as the outer shell is made of recycled juice bottles. The straps are made from polyester but are as soft and flexible as cotton, so it's comfy even after a hard day's graft dressing up and colouring in.

"It’s really comfortable for her to carry, especially as the straps are quite wide. She loves the independence of having her own bag."
Yasmine, Parent Tester

Scoot & Ride Backpack

Scoot & Ride Backpack

This may surprise you

  • The average 4-year-old already knows 5,000 words (which expands to 10,000 words aged 8 and 20,000–35,000 words by adulthood.)

  • Their brain may be at its full physical size by the time they reach preschool, but brain development doesn’t slow down until their 20s.

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Activity Village has thousands of free colouring pages, kids crafts, educational resources, puzzles and printables of all sorts.

Don't forget, CBeebies and CBBC are always on hand for educational entertainment, puzzles and games.

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