Ahhh the school run. It’s all well and good when the weather’s warm and your kid is all excited about pre-school. Fast forward to the dark winter days and it’s a different story… Frizzy hair (yours) and tantrums (both of you) anyone? While we can’t stop the rain, we have some stuff that may help make that school run a lil’ bit more fun and safe. Whether you choose to walk the whole way or park a little bit further away and embrace the fresh air… every little helps!

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1. Globber Evo 4-in-1 Scooter Plus Lights

The Globber Evo 4-in-1 Scooter Plus Lights is a great, safe way to get kids riding to pre-school. It easily switches between a balance bike to a beginners scooter. The lights on the wheels means your little traveller can be spotted in the dark, while a steering lock mean you can keep them on the straight and narrow while they scoot. So easy.

2. Grass & Air Colour Revealing Wellies

These Grass & Air Colour Revealing Wellies are made from cool technology that makes the pattern change from white to multicoloured when it gets wet. Unique and great for teaching them all about cause and effect, kids will swap tantrums to begging to go out into the rain. The fleece lining also keeps their feet dry - that stops the moans that their feet are soggy then.

3. SquidKids Colour Changing Raincoat

Got a kid who hates wearing a coat? We hear ya. Save the morning run tantrums with this cool SquidKids Colour Changing Raincoat. Made from a soft waterproof material, which makes all the white parts of the pattern change colour when they get wet. It’s great for coaxing kids to put on a coat. Throw in the easy to fasten zip and you’ve got a great raincoat right there.

4. Boxbo Kerran Ankle Welly Boots

Pre-school means alot more independence for them, and er, more of a morning rush for you. So solve both problems with the Boxbo Kerran Ankle Welly Boots. The ankle length means that tots can pull them on themselves, giving you a tiny bit more time, while making them feel all grown up. And, because they aren’t as cumbersome, it means kids can walk quicker too. Let the muddy puddle jumping begin!

5. Ace of Play Balance Bike

Kid not a fan of walking? No problem. The Ace of Play Balance Bike has been designed to be lightweight and easy to move in order to help a toddler develop their balance and get riding. We doubt they’ll be grumbling if you let them ride this on the pre-school run.

6. Banwood Classic Kids Bike Helmet

If they’re riding a scooter or bike to pre-school they’re gonna need some head protection. And that’s where the Banwood Classic Kids Bike Helmet comes into play. It features a dial-fit adjustment system for a comfy fit and an adjustable chin strap. There’s also front, top and back ventilation to stop little heads from sweating, meaning no hat hair when they get to their destination.

7. Boxbo Umbrella

What’s a parent to do when their pre-schooler’s moaning about going out in the rain? Make them feel all grown up of course. Enter the… Boxbo Umbrella. A perfect fit for kids’ hands and in a mushroom-shape, it protects against the rain and cuts off the wind. The little window in the shape of a smile, is also perfect for letting them peek out. Cool, cool.

8. Pogu Reflective Armband

Dark winter evenings are all fun and games when you’re a tot. But when you’re a parent, well, you’ve gotta be a bit more sensible (boo!). Keep your pre-schooler safe when you walk back from school with this Pogu Reflective Armband (coming soon guys, coming soon). Elasticated and with a velcro fastening, you can quickly place it around bulky coats. We love the cool designs and the fact that this band reflects to over 200m in low light conditions.

So there you go. A little insight on how to get them, and you, to pre-school safely while still having fun. As always, here’s our picks… Ride to it.