We know how hard it can be to get swimwear that fits right as adults. Well, it’s not any easier with babies and kids. Plus, there's other stuff to consider: making sure their nappy doesn’t leak, that they're warm enough in cold water and sun-safe on the beach. Here are seven of the biggest swimwear requirements, plus our top picks.


Swimming in sunshine, either in the pool or at the beach, is a wonderful way to top up on their vitamin D. But whether yours swim like otters or just like to paddle in the shallows, regular smothering with good quality, high protection sun cream is crucial. But the right swimwear will help keep them sun-safe too. The KIDLY Label Recycled Swimwear range gives the highest UPF50+ protection, plus it's made from a premium fabric that's woven from recycled nylon, so it's not just skin-kind - it's planet-friendly too.

Penny in KIDLY Label Recycled Swimwear

KIDLY Label Recycled Swimwear is sun-safe and planet-friendly.


They'll be in and out of the holiday pool like yoyos, but you don't want their nice new swimmers falling prey to chlorine fade, making them look past their prime in no time at all. We love Liewood’s swimwear, not only for their super-cool styles and colour-ways, but because they're rigorous tested to not lose colour or shape in chlorinated water. They're the ideal swim tees, pants and jumpsuits for the trendy poolside.

Liewood Swimwear

Liewood Swimwear


Wriggly babies become as slippery as eels in the water and it can be quite a hard task to keep a good grip on them… not what you want at all! For peace of mind for you - and extra comfort for them - we recommend a neoprene swim wrap, which creates a natural non-slip grip for your hands. This one by Splash About has velcro along the front and shoulders, so you won’t need ninja moves to get it on them.

Splash About Baby Wrap

Splash About Baby Wrap


If you have kids who spend most of the summer between their sandpit and the water sprinkler, it’s futile sending them out in playwear that can’t handle a soaking. Enter Ki ET LA and their range of what we call ‘non-swimwear-swimwear.’ Essentially it looks like your day-to-day shorts and tees, with bold colours and patterns that your kids will adore. Ecologically designed and with UPF50+ protection, it’s perfect for wearing to the beach without a cover up, or popping on for some water play action at the park.


Ki ET LA Anti-UV Pop Top and Screech Short


For cold seas, out-of-high-season outdoor pools, or those public swimming baths that never seem to remember to turn the heating on, swimwear that provides extra warmth is ideal. The Splash About Happy Nappy Wetsuit is essentially a swimsuit, wetsuit and swim nappy all rolled into one and is perfect for keeping babies toasty warm. The integrated nappy means you don’t need to add uncomfortable extra layers and the wrap at the front adds that cosiness they need in cold water. For older kids, layering over their swimsuit with a rash vest is also an option, or give them the additional cover of a sun suit.

Close Pop In Rash Vest

Close Pop In Rash Vest


Before they're potty trained, it’s important to kit them out with a first layer swim nappy that will keep any accidents inside. Keen to avoid paper disposables? The Bambino Mio Reusable Swim Nappy has a concealed water resistant layer with leak-proof legs to keep everything where it should be. The lightweight design keeps them comfortable and doesn’t weigh them down, so you can all concentrate on having a great time.

Bambino Mio Swim Nappy

Bambino Mio Reusable Swim Nappy


Taking your baby to swimming lessons is a great way to get them used to the water from day dot. But swim school rules on swimwear are (understandably) strict: no-one wants whoopsies leaking out into the water. As well as a paper nappy or reusable swim nappy, they'll also want your baby to wear a good fitting, neoprene swimming pant over the top. The Splash About Happy Nappy has comfy wide cuffs that create a seam to skin binding, for mess-free swimming lessons.

Splash About Happy Nappy

Splash About Happy Nappy

We hope this run-down was useful, but if you're still search for that perfect cossie, we’ve got loads of other awesome pieces that are perfect for the pool or beach right here. If you still have a question about swimwear, or anything else, our Live Chat team would love to help. Just hit that purple button, bottom right.