Seems every new school year signals the need for a whole new set of kit, from shoes and bags to water bottles, lunch boxes and more. With sustainability on everyone’s minds, we’ve compiled a back-to-school collection of brilliantly-designed reusables that won't cost the earth - and that you won't need to replace before you know it.


Longevity = sustainability, because you're not replacing stuff on the regular. For lunch or snack time, stainless steel bottles and food jars are ideal for storing drinks and food. One Green Bottle makes grow-with-them designs that let you switch up the toppers as their skills develop. Their Evolution 350ml Bottle is vacuum insulated to keep cold drinks refreshingly cold for 24 hours and warm drinks warm for 12hrs. So that'll do them year in and out, and season in and out. We're also loving Klean Kanteen for their slim and easy-to-grip shapes, chip resistant coatings and the fact that they're 100% carbon neutral.

Klean Kanteen lifestyle shot

Klean Kanteen bottles look funky, have chip-resistant coatings and are 100% carbon neutral.


If they take sarnies or rolls to school, your wrapping choices aren’t just foil or film. Haps Nordic Sandwich Bags keep their butties fresh and can be cleaned up and used again and again. If yoghurts or smoothies are more their thing, they do smoothie bags too. Ace.


At KIDLY we're always determined to bring you brands that aren’t just about the frills. Veja designs pumps that are great for school, PE and after-school clubs - delivering both style AND substance. The Brazilian brand looks after its factory workers as well as integrating recycled or sustainably-harvested materials into its designs.

Veja V-10 Vegan Trainer

Veja V-10 Vegan Trainer


Even when we try and be mindful of our consumption, we create a whole lot of waste, so we love brands that give leftovers a new lease of life. Liewood's Allan backpack is roomy enough for all of the kit kids need to carry and is made entirely from discarded plastic bottles.

Liewood Allan backpack

Liewood's Allan backpack is made entirely from recycled polyester.


We all know plastic pollutes and so, when we can find an alternative, we’re all for it. Silicone is perfect for kids products due to its durability, flexibility and food-safe properties and stainless steel isn't just durable, it's super hygienic too. Made from both, Liewood's Arthur lunch box is roomy enough to hold their break time snacks or lunchtime feasts and look pretty slick too.

Liewood Arthur lunch box

Liewood's Arthur lunch box is roomy and durable.

Of course, disposable cutlery is a real no-no these days, but even plastic reusables are less and less popular. So it's great that lots of bamboo-blended alternatives are now available, like eco rascals Bamboo Spoons that have colourful silicone bowls.

There you have it - purchases that do their bit for the planet that you can look forward to using school term after term after term. Top marks all round. And remember, if you need any more guidance, our Live Chat Team are always here to help, 8am-10pm, every day. Just hit that purple button, bottom right.