Introducing solids has been a hotbed for debate since, well, forever. When my first was born, you weaned at 4 months. By the time his sister came along, it was 6 months. In the years since, Baby-Led Weaning has taken the world by storm. However you choose to cut it, our Winning Weaning collection will help make the process an adventure, not a chore. Just remember the saying - 'Food before one is just for fun'.

“Little children, from the moment they are weaned, are making their way towards independence.”
Maria Montessori


At this stage, you'll want a bib that gives maximum coverage. Coverall styles are good for when eating is still a full-body experience. KIDLY Label Recycled Coverall Bib is also made from regenerated polyester, so it cleans up the planet as well as keeping them clean too!

A non-spill cup

We love products that are designed to last.'s Transitions Set takes your baby from bottle feeding to toddler training in one great value pack. You simply switch lids as they grow, catering to every age and stage.

"One child, one cup makes a lot of sense to us, and this great set makes a brilliant sustainable choice that adapts as they grow."
Megan, Buyer Transitions Set Transitions Set

"Aim to treat your baby with the same respect you would any other mealtime companion. That means not telling her what to eat or how much, not constantly wiping her face and resisting the temptation to do the washing-up while she is still eating!"
Gill Rapley

Weaning spoons

Liewood's Liva Silicone Spoons are ergonomically designed with a smooth, flexible finish, topped off with adorable animal details. The textured dots on the spoon give babies a sense of how far it should go in the mouth, making the process of getting used to textures a little bit easier.

"The spoons are really soft and comfortable to hold. They hold a good amount of food and the boys have loved using them."
Annwyl, Parent Tester

Product shot of Liewood's Liva Silicone Spoons

Liewood's Liva Silicone Spoons come in a handy 4-pack.

We also love Bumkins Chewtensils. They're kind of a teether and cutlery in one (the clue's in the name), made of soft, textured silicone so they're easy to grip and the back of the spoon is bumpy to stimulate tender little gums. Finally, Cognikid's 2-Pack of Weaning Dip-Spoons are perfect for dipping into puréed foods (and waving triumphantly in the air).

Reusable storage pots and bags

Whether you're batch cooking or keeping leftovers, you'll need pots of pots to do the job. Munchkin's Love A Bowls are stackable and secure - in a perfect one-portion size for meals or snacks, plus they're freezer and microwave safe.

Haps Nordic's Reusable Smoothie Bag are so-called only because they had call them something. You can actually fill them with porridge, puree, mash, yoghurt - we could go on on and on. They go on and on too - up to 50 uses. They're easy to fill from the bottom and close with a strong double zipper. To warm snacks, you just pop the pack into hot water.

"At last, a reusable version of the serve-yourself pouch that's such a win with babies and toddlers."
Megan, Buyer

Haps Nordic Reusable Smoothie Bags

Haps Nordic Reusable Smoothie Bags

This may surprise you

  • In many cultures around the world, weaning means feeding the child food that's been pre-chewed by the parent - it's called premastication - alongside continued breastfeeding.

  • The term Baby-Led Weaning was coined around 2003, by health visitor Gill Rapley.

  • Since only female mammals make milk, only mammals wean their offspring.

There's more help at hand

We hope this has helped you shop the Winning Weaning collection. If you want to dive a little deeper, BBC Good Food's Guide To Weaning has some great tips.

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