Wooden toys. They’re a classic and sustainable way to help kids learn while they play. And let’s not forget how longlasting they are too. We love how they can be passed down from sibling to sibling. There’s loads to choose from, so, we’ve done what we always do and tried to make the search for the perfect wooden toy simple. Get ready to find out which wooden toys will help with each stage of your kids’ development and why…

Wooden toys for newborn to 12 months

As babies move into the second month you’ll find that they’re starting to focus, especially on black and white objects. This Liewood Wooden Play Gym features wooden toys including a rabbit, monochrome panda and cloud to help stimulate their visual skills. In a Scandi design, it also looks great in your living room. #justsaying

Walter playing with the Liewood Play Gym

Liewood Wooden Play Gym, £75.

As they hit the six month stage you’ll find that they become a lot more curious, from how things feel, to picking up on little details on your clothes! And there’s lots of wooden toys to help these skills develop. The Janod Baby Forest 6 Block Pyramid is just one of our faves. Each block has a different animal and shape, that fit into each other. Or just stack them up and knock them down. They’ll help babies develop coordination and learn about cause and effect for at least the next six months.

Wooden toys for one to two year olds

Once they become toddlers, their building and tactile skills will be developing quickly, so buy wooden toys that grow with them, while enhancing these. The Grimm’s Piling Game Moon Houses is a perfect pick. Featuring 15 crescent-shaped blocks, it can be used to make buildings, laid out flat to make a range of shapes or turned over to make mini bridges. In fact, we stock over 30 Grimm’s toys that have been made to grow with your kid and used in different ways as they develop. Check them out. You’ll love them!

Ada playing with the Grimm's Piling Moon Game

Grimm’s Piling Game Moon Houses, £41.

Alternatively, this Janod Wooden Shape Sorter Drum is a traditional sorting toy that will encourage shape and colour recogition - and yes, it rattles when they shake it too…#coffeefirst

Wooden toys for two to three year olds

At this age, days are full of pretend play, colour learning and counting. The Bigjigs Shape Fraction Board Puzzle helps develop these skills by encouraging kids fit the 11 different shapes in the correct order. Oh, and it also encourages fine-motor development and dexterity.

Noah playing with the Bigjigs fraction board puzzle

Bigjigs Shape Fraction Board Puzzle, £11.50.

Want to develop kids' creative skills? This Le Toy Van Cash Register, is a personal hit with our two year old who loves to pretend play. She loves playing shops and I love how the soft touch number buttons and play money encourage her counting. 1,2… you know the drill.

Wooden toys for three to four year olds

Yep, they’ve hit the pre-school age and with this comes a whole lot of new learning from enhancing those social skills, more pretend play and learning the alphabet too! The Grimm’s Numbers Building Set has chunky rainbow numbers from 0-9, which can be laid out for basic counting. As they hit reception class, introduce the timer and get them to add up and subtract as quickly as they can.

Henty playing with the Grimm's Numbers Building Set

Grimm’s Numbers Building Set, £57.

We also love this Plan Toys Balance Board, which can be used in a range of ways, whether it’s standing or sitting for balance or rocking and back and forth to develop motor skills. Use the rope for support and then take it off when your kid gets more confident. That’ll get them ready for PE time!

And there we are, a cool list of just some of the great wooden toys for each stage. And don’t forget, when kids are done playing with them, they look great as decor on your bookcase or their nursery shelf. #doubleduty