10 Signs You're No Longer A Newbie Parent

10 Signs You're No Longer A Newbie Parent

Having a newborn is awesome, the miracle of life and all that… but it’s also really, really tiring. So when they transition from mushy newborns to regular old babies, there’s lots to celebrate. Here are some signs that you’ve made it through the newborn phase. Congrats!

1. You take fewer photos

You’re no longer having to clear out your camera roll on a daily basis & some of your photos even revert to being of food again.

2. You shower regularly

You might not get around to washing your hair, but showers are progress, right?

3. You’re practically a baby whisperer

You can tell the difference between tired, hungry, wet, hurt, or just plain mad cries. You’ve got this nailed.

4. Everything has a time

We’re not saying that we’ve got OCD or anything, but having a routine for eating, sleeping, & playing really works for us.

5. OK becomes good enough

You stop obsessing over every single detail and realise that OK is good enough… resulting in things getting done a LOT more quickly.

6. You escape for date night

You transition from only looking at baby to wanting to look at each other again. Who’d have thought it?

7. You change fewer nappies

Yes their digestive system is changing, but you’re also OK with them staying wet just a minute longer.

8. You become adept at multi-tasking

Your attention grows from focusing purely on your new arrival to actually wanting to get stuff done as well.

9. You’ve started to introduce lumpy stuff

It's recommended that it's safe to start introducing your baby to solids around the 6 month mark, which is a BIG step towards fully grown baby status. Your home will never be the same.

10. You’re sleeping (better)

Of course, you’re still getting up with baby… but you’re no longer lying there straining to listen to them to check they’re still breathing. Relaaaaaaax.