The Art Of Disguising Veg In Kids' Food

The Art Of Disguising Veg In Kids' Food

We’ve all been there. You spend ages making a delicious meal for your little one that’s packed with good stuff, then they spot the vegetables and refuse to touch it. Or, worse still, throw it across the room. (Deep breaths.)

Speak to any seasoned baby-owner and they’ll discreetly admit to practising the art of disguising vegetables. It’s a skill that you quickly pick up when you’re keen to get some goodness into your fussy little eater. We asked our Facebook community for their top methods for smuggling veggies and here’s what they came back with:

1. Veggies mashed & hidden

Whether that’s in potato or under the cheese in a pizza, with a bit of creativity you can hide them just about anywhere. Top tip, we found hiding evil cauliflower in homemade burgers worked a treat!

2. Blended veggies

Added to passata to make a scrumptious and seemingly veg-free pasta sauce... Mwahahahahaha.

"Speak to any seasoned baby-owner & they’ll discreetly admit to learning the art of disguising vegetables. "

3. Spaghetti made from spiralized veg

Our fave? Courgette spaghetti, but sweet potato also works amazingly. Veggies, what veggies?

4. Chips & dips

Kids love them and the dips can disguise a variety of goodness! Just don’t forget to cover you messy muncher in a good bib!

5. Soups, glorious soups

Great for hiding a multiple of sins… or carrots, sweet potato, parsnip. You get the idea.

6. Let them drive

Give them more control over the situation and they might try some different flavours and textures. Blended veg put into smoothie bags or a self-feeder might be just the trick.

7. Distraction

Yes, we know it’s not a food as such, but if all else fails, then this may be the only way. From a spoon that does cool stuff, to pulling faces or using the TV, it’s all things that we’ve found to work!