Finding them a perfect pair of shoes that fit right can sometimes feel like a Cinderella story. Some don’t fit their little feet properly, some are too hard to get on, some just don’t support foot development and some look like ugly sisters. Thankfully, there are companies like Bobux out there: New Zealand’s Prince Charming of kids’ shoe design, they take what they do to heart. Here are 10 reasons why we love their range:

1. We share the same ethos

They’re made by parents for parents and kids. When founders Chris and Colleen Bennett were looking for a perfect pair of shoes for their newly-walking daughter and couldn’t find any that were good for foot development, Chris took to his garage and the rest, as they say, is history.

2. They invented soft soles

Those shoes with the thin layer of suede as the sole that allow for lots of foot movement for cruisers and first walkers? Bobux were the pioneers in 1991. Some soft soles were the first pair to come out of Chris’s garage.

3. They design for three stages

  • The Bobux Step Up range has been designed for kids who have grown out of soft soles and are cruising and mastering those very first little steps. Fitting children from as young as 9 months to 2 years, depending on their development.
  • Bobux l-Walks have been specifically designed for when they move from the baby to toddler stage and are walking confidently. They support the changes that happen in the shape of the foot at this stage.
  • Bobux’s KID+ range is for confident little walkers who have mastered those toddles and are ready to run, jump, skip and everything in between.

4. They work with experts

They work with foot health professionals to make their designs are always supporting little feet. Bobux has also formed partnerships with respected universities to research foot health too.

5. Each design is for all stages

If your cruiser loves their Bobux boots or trainers, they make the same styles in Step Ups, I-Walks and KID+ and each one has technology that supports each stage of their foot development. Grab new colours, pass them down to siblings or, just simply store them away as mementos of their first, second and third pair of shoes.

6. They're super stylish

Whether you love the classic look, cool trainer or ballet pump, Bobux does a style for everyone. This season we're loving the Hi Court Switch Arctic, with adjustable and interchangeable mix and match velcro straps, giving your kid a whole range of looks in one shoe!

7. They only use quality fabrics

Whether it’s leather for breathability, merino inners to keep moisture and foot odour at bay, polyester for flex and to withstand wear and tear, or bamboo for breathability and eco-creds, they’ve got it all covered.

8. They make parents' lives easier

From wide opening and adjustable velcro fastenings and pull on tabs, these shoes are great for little ones to put on themselves. Great for them to learn independence and make them feel like a ‘grown up’ - making one fewer job for you.

9. They fit on real kids

At KIDLY, we use real babies to size our clothes. Unlike somme other brands who just measure down from adult sizes, Bobux also uses foot casts from real kids to make sure their shoes are right for developing feet.

10. Their Seedling range gives back

The Seedling is Bobux's new environmentally minded, super comfy lightweight shoe that exploits all the amazing properties of bamboo. The knitted upper is lightweight, breathable, durable and designed to support the foot's free movement, while the flexible and funky-looking sole is made from natural and recycled rubber. Even better still, for every pair of Seedling shoes sold around the world, one tree will be planted in Indonesia.

So there you have it. Bobux in a nutshell. And remember, if you need any more guidance, our Live Chat Team is always here to help, from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (but not bank holidays). Just hit that purple button, bottom right.