Hello lovely customers,

I used to always call KIDLY my baby and the journey has certainly mirrored my own three ‘new dad’ experiences - tears (all types), tantrums (mainly me), growing pains, sleepless nights, proud moments.

Now we are 6 and it’s gone by in a flash, so I’d like to share a few of those proud moments so far:

1. Growing KIDLY Label

Our ‘baby’ label that started in 2017 with 7 products has grown to a whopping 255. None of which is more popular and better loved than our Jelly Sandals - 70,000 pairs have been sold to date!

Early KIDLY Label shoot from 2017

Our first shoot for KIDLY Label, back in 2017.

2. Going Greener

As well as always championing eco products, in 2018 we ditched all plastics from our packaging & now 80% of KIDLY Label is made from sustainable materials, like natural rubber, recycled polyester and organic cotton.

lion face made of a KIDLY box

We love seeing how you recycle our orange KIDLY boxes!

3. Moving Home & Working From Home

Weeks after moving to new offices in Leavesden, Hertfordshire at the end of 2019, we were all sent home again! But we found new ways to work & connect in lockdown & saw Team KIDLY double in size.

social distanced lunch at Leavesden

Having a socially distanced lunch at our new offices in 2020.

4. Bagging Beautiful Brands

If they’re design-led and genuinely useful, we’ll find them. From an initial handful, we now offer 200 of the world’s best kids’ brands, big and small and we're always looking for more.

5. Helping Where It’s Needed Most

Since setting up the KIDLY Family Fund in 2021, you’ve helped us give £100k to families suffering from acute lockdown stress, domestic abuse, the cost of living crisis & the war in Ukraine. As well as donating money via the Fund, we've given time to great charities like KidsOut, who donate boxes of toys to kids in women's refuges.

KidsOut box packing team

As well as donating money, we've given time to charities like KidsOut.

6. Looking To The Future

In 2022 we've launched KIDLY Unlimited (I recommend it - it’s just £10 a year for unlimited Premium Delivery) & ‘popped up’ our first ever shop, in St Albans. Later this year we’re relaunching our international sites, adding exciting new brands & further expanding KIDLY Label.

Pop-up shop

Our first pop-up shop in St Albans has been a huge success & we've loved getting to meet so many KIDLY fans in person.

Thank you all so much for your continued support. It means the world to us all at KIDLY. I still read every review you write and every email you send me, in a continuous effort to make KIDLY the only place you want to shop for the 0-5s in your lives


James and Stu fooling around at KIDLY'S Clipper warehouse

James & Stu, Head of Merchandising, at KIDLY's main distribution centre, checking out whether they're eligible for Premium delivery!